Swoon Over Zombie Romance In New 'Warm Bodies' Trailer

After four years of swooning over Edward Cullen and "The Twilight Saga," crushing on a dead (or, well, undead) dude is hardly the grody taboo it used to be. And that's a good thing! Because the more we see of the purple-lipped, red-eyed, cold-skinned Nicholas Hoult in sneak peeks at the soon-to-be-released "Warm Bodies," the more we're sure that the newest man of our dreams is a lurching, twitching corpse with an insatiable taste for human flesh. You know, in a sexy way! Just look at him doing his thing in the latest trailer, and tell us you're not titillated.

Unlike the slightly spoiler-y full-length trailer that debuted last month, this TV spot is shorter and much more of a tease for the film based on Isaac Marion's book about a zombie named "R" and his improbable love affair with a girl named Julie. We've got R's deadpan internal monologue, John Malkovich delivering jokes in his trademark condescending lilt ("They are not, becoming, VEGAN!"), and a keener focus on the romantic angles as R tries to reclaim his humanity and keep Julie (played by Teresa Palmer) safe.

And yes, even in that dirty red hoodie and with little peeling flaps of necrotic skin around his mouth, Nicholas Hoult is still a serious hottie: dead or alive. All that's left is to cool our heels and wait for winter: "Warm Bodies" hits theaters February 1!

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