YA Novel 'I Hunt Killers' Takes A Stab At TV

If you've been thinking that Barry Lyga's amazing serial killer-thriller YA book "I Hunt Killers" was most desperately deserving of its own TV show, guess what: Hollywood agrees with you! And if you've been thinking that there's no better home for the charming, mysterious and maybe-murderous Jasper Dent than the same network that gave us the macabre camp of "Pretty Little Liars"... um, you're psychic? Or at least, you should seriously consider a career in book scouting! Because according to Deadline, ABC Family has, indeed, picked up the book for development into a series.

For those not in the know, "I Hunt Killers" is the story of Jasper "Jazz" Dent, a teenage boy with a famous father—and by famous, we mean infamous. Jasper is the son of one of the country's most prolific and notorious serial killers, and some think that he's inherited more from his deadly dad than just a strong jaw and a pair of nice eyes... especially now that people in his hometown are suddenly dying under mysterious circumstances. The first book, which kicked off an intended series with a bloody flourish last spring, sees Jasper collaborating with the police in an attempt to clear his name. But with buried secrets and brutal memories continually coming back to haunt him, it's not entirely clear whether Jasper is the hero of the story, or the villain, or both.

As of right now, there's not much to report —although "Dexter" writer Arika Mittman is on tap to develop the script, which means that the dark and gritty source material is in very good hands. But with a career-making lead role up for grabs, we're thinking that some of Hollywood's best young men are looking ripe to be stalked...er, talked about.

Have you read "I Hunt Killers"? Are you excited to see it turned into a show?