A Holiday Gift Guide For The Russian Lit Lover

Our week of holiday gift guides is coming to an end—and when we say an end, we mean an END, the no-holds-barred kind of wrap-up that involves snowy panoramas of the Russian countryside, doomed romance and impeccably dressed, impossibly glamorous women who give a whole new meaning to the term "trainwreck."

Yep, that's right: Today's roundup is inspired by the classic Russian novel (and new, sumptuous feature film), "Anna Karenina"... and the girl on your giftlist who adores her. Think: old-world glamour, candlelit nights, cloth-bound, dog-eared books, and fur, fur, fur. Whether you're giving her something for bundling up against the blistering cold of the St. Petersburg winter, something tragic to read and weep, or something from which to sip her tea while she ponders the inevitable tragedies of life, love and steam engines, this collection of gifts is perfect for anyone who likes long stories and messy ends.

1. Ayaka mug, $14 (Anthropologie)

2. Train art print, $9 (Etsy)

3. A ravishing red belted coat with a fur collar, $99 (Alloy) Which goes perfectly with...

4. A Russian-style fur hat, $28 (ASOS)

5. "Dr. Zhivago" paperback, $12 (Amazon)