'Girls' Season 2 Trailer: Anything Could Happen

For all you "Girls" girls, here's a treat even more delicious than a bowl full of sweet mucus: the series' season two trailer!

HBO has finally released a full-length preview of the upcoming season (premiering January 13, 2013), and the sneak peek is positively squeal-worthy. (And just to be clear, that's not hyperbole. I squawked audibly—and loudly—no fewer than three times watching this.)

Seriously, though, everything in this trailer is working for me: Adam's forelorn, Taylor Swift-worthy break-up ballad; the return of slimy-sexy artist Booth Jonathan played by Jorma Taccone, Hannah's exhuberant Wednesday night dance-flail, Marnie's sheer desperation. As my colleague Jocelyn Vena mused, it looks like "Girls" has found its stride. Watch the full trailer after the jump!

And a few of my favorite lines:

"This opens up space in my life for the kind, sexy boyfriend I've always wanted but never had." —Hannah rationalizing her break-up with Adam

"I may be deflowered but I'm not devalued." —Shoshanna on doing it

"You look 30 years old." —Marnie's mother to her daughter (P.S. Love you, Rita Wilson!)

"Oh, I think you're a person who's about to have sex with me." —Booth to a befuddled Marnie

"I know I always said he was murdery in a sexy way, but what if he's murdery in, like, a murdery way?" —Hannah on Adam's irrational behavior

If I may be so bold to speak on its behalf, my DVR can hardly wait.

What did you think of the "Girls" trailer? What do you want to see happen next season? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!