How Well Do Jennifer Lawrence And Bradley Cooper Know Each Other After Hours?

If you've been missing the spectacle of celebrities goofing off and getting crazy alongside the permanently unfazed Josh Horowitz, get ready to put on your party pants and say hallelujer: After Hours is back, with a brand new video featuring none other than "Silver Linings Playbook" co-stars Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper. The two actors have just finished shooting two movies together, back-to-back—they'll also be starring as husband and wife in the turn-of-the-century Appalachian drama "Serena" coming in 2013—and it seems like they'd know each other pretty well...right? WELL. Let's find out, with a rousing round of our fun trivia game, "Know Your Co-Star"!

In this thrilling competition, Jennifer and Bradley go head-to-head in an attempt to prove their expertise on each others' past movie roles, memorable red-carpet outfits and best physical features—including such loaded questions as "Which of Jennifer's body parts was deemed 'best' by Victoria's Secret?" (Spoiler alert: the answer, to Jennifer's great disappointment, is not the one you're probably thinking off.) And who came out on top in this rooftop battle for co-star knowing supremacy? ...No, really, we're asking you; we're way too distracted by Jennifer's amazing belted jumpsuit to declare a winner.

Who do you think won this "Know Your Co-Star" contest?