A Holiday Gift Guide For The Daring Dystopian

You knew it was coming: In a year when "The Hunger Games" took Hollywood by storm, holiday gifts for the dystopian literature-lover are the big thing this Christmas, especially for girls who want to be just like Katniss Everdeen when they grow up (albeit minus the starvation, burn scars and mass violent death).

From Capitol couture stocking stuffers and must-have fashions for the arena, to equipment that'll help hone the would-be tribute's survival skills, to the latest entries into the "Hunger Games" oeuvre by other talented authors, this group of gifts will be right up the alley of any girl who's had her imagination captured by Suzanne Collins' trilogy about a world gone mad.

1. Distressed lace-up combat boots, $40, (Charlotte Russe)

2. The "Divergent" series box set, $23 (Barnes & Noble)

3. China Glaze "Hunger Games" nail polish collection, $50 for all 12 colors (Salon Supply)

4. Working Compass Necklace, $16.50 (Etsy)

5. District Primitive longbow, $81 (Lancaster Archery)