We're Obsessed With The 'Les Miserables' Trailer

by Jessica Marshall

Welcome to Obsessed, a weekly feature in which we shamelessly gush about our latest pop-culture preoccupation. This week, we're fangirling over the "Les Misérables" trailer!

There is a castle on a cloud. It is where the recently released trailers for "Les Misérables" live in my mind.

I have bruises on my finger from hitting replay repeatedly to watch them online over and over again. My voice is scratchy from the epic post-tralier-viewing shower-singing session inspired by the catchy music. Which in turn, was followed by a bout of tearful belting of "On My Own" into my hairbrush microphone (accompanied by wistful thoughts of my old high-school crush).

I've always been a sucker for musicals, especially epic ones like "Les Mis," which has spawned several film adaptations, countless live performances and millions of crazed fans singing about the tigers that come at night. I'm not entirely sure why I am so attached to a musical play based on a classic Victor Hugo novel about the wretched folks caught up in the French Revolution in the first half of the 19th century, but I think it has something to do with fabulous music and a captivating story that touches on relatable emotions like unrequited love and patriotism.

Having seen quite a few musicals on Broadway (and memorized quite a few soundtracks), including "Les Mis," one of the biggest issues I've had in the past with movie adaptations has been the awkwardness of forcing something that looks amazing in four dimensions on a stage down to two dimensions on film. Something gets lost in translation, and it really takes dynamic cinematography to spice it up. Otherwise, you just end up feeling awkward watching a flat rendition of something that in its stage rendition gave you goosebumps.

But Oscar-winner Tom Hooper's ("The King's Speech") new adaptation of "Les Mis" looks to be every bit the "musical phenomenon" it is billed to be—if for no other reason than I am obsessed with it after simply watching the trailer. Goosebumps abounded from viewing it in a tiny little window (albeit in HD)! Hugh Jackman goes back to his musical roots, playing the heroic Jean Valjean (he's already getting Oscar buzz!). Anne Hathaway costars as the tragic Fantine, along with Russell Crowe as the nefarious police inspector Javert. Amanda Seyfried also returns to the realm of musical movies as the innocent Cosette, while "My Week With Marilyn" cutie Eddie Redmayne plays her devoted lover Marius. I'm also loving the casting decision to make Sacha Baron Cohen the evil innkeeper Thénardier too.

Come Christmas Day, I will be at the movie theater lining up to see it. I may very well have my hairbrush and hankie in hand.

What did you think of the new "Les Mis" trailer? Are you Obsessed?

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