A Holiday Gift Guide For The Spellbound Southerner

Holiday shoppers, start your engines! Our roundup of prezzies for everyone on your list continues today, and this time, we're heading south—with a gift list inspired by the supernatural sumptuousness of the soon-to-be-released "Beautiful Creatures."

Sweet tea, live oaks and porch ceilings painted blue to keep out angry ghosts: these are the trappings of today's Gift Guide recipient, the Southern gothic girl who's got white gloves on her hands and grinning skeletons in her closet. And with the lovely Lena Duchannes finding her way into theaters this winter, this holiday season is the perfect time to inject a little magic into the life of your favorite would-be caster—with everything from ladylike trinkets to powerful herbs that'll be perfect for potion-making. (Or pasta sauce.)

1. Mauve lace-up granny boots, $50 (Etsy)

2. Black lace dress, $40 (delia*s)

3. Varnished votive candle holder, $8 (Anthropologie)

4. Indoor herb garden, $36 from (Overstock)

5. Karma crystal necklace, $18 (Urban Outfitters)

What "Beautiful Creatures"-inspired items would make it onto your wish list? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!