Jennifer Lawrence Dives Into 'Catching Fire' In New Set Pics

It's not much, but we've finally gotten a little tiny glimpse of the arena from the upcoming "Catching Fire"—and of Katniss and Peeta taking a dip in the dangerous waters of their island paradise. The follow-up film to "The Hunger Games" has been shooting in Hawaii, and a couple pics have finally leaked of Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson in the Quarter Quell arena—an island environment that includes a whole mess of aquatic hazards—getting ready to rumble in their Capitol-issue bathing suits.

Okay, so we're using the term "bathing suits" kind of loosely; these little numbers are definitely more function than fashion...although there is something a little bit sexy about them too, right? And while we can't see much more of the landscape than a pair of platforms surrounded by water, it's pretty exciting to get a sneak peek at the action in store with that shot of Jennifer in mid-dive. Girl's got GAME FACE.

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