A Holiday Gift Guide For Girls Who Kick Butt

Maybe you're looking for the perfect present for a lady in your life, or maybe you're just looking for a few things with which to round out your own wish list lest some well-meaning but clueless relative gives you yet another floral-printed cardigan this year. Either way, Hollywood Crush has got you covered with our holiday gift guides all week long! And after yesterday's helpful hipster gift list, we're taking a rather sharp turn into much more dangerous territory.

Who's on our mind today? The Superhero, that's who! Whether she's a cunning superspy like the Black Widow or a crafty cat burglar a la Selina Kyle, today's giftee only wants items she can use—and preferably, use to kick some ass. So if there's a would-be hero on your list this year, here are a few items she'd prefer not to kill for...but if she has to, well, y'know.

1. Ankle boots with metallic heel, $45 (Zara)

2. Black leather utility belt, $50 (Etsy)

3. Faux leather moto jacket, $39 (Forever 21)

4. "The Complete Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook," by Joshua Piven and David Borgenicht, $14 (Barnes & Noble)

5. Combat training classes, prices vary (Krav Maga NYC)

What's on your superhero wish list? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!