Josh Hutcherson On 'Hunger Games' Sequel: 'Scope Of This One Is A Lot Bigger'

Ever since "The Hunger Games" changed directors in mid-stream—subbing in Francis Lawrence for "Catching Fire" after previous director Gary Ross left to pursue other projects—fans have been worriedly watching for any hint that the second film in the series, under the directorial vision of en entirely new and unfamiliar person, might fail to live up to expectations. And when we sat down for a chat with Josh Hutcherson, who's right in the middle of making that sequel, he made a statement that'll confirm either your worst fears or your wildest dreams:

"It's very different," he replied, when MTV News asked him how this movie will measure up to the first in the series. But before you chow down on a handful of nightlock and hurl yourself into a pit of muttations, make sure you hear him out:

"But at the same time, we did keep the essence of the original story," Josh assured us. "We kept the same feel of the Capitol."

In fact, he said, it's more a matter of size than anything else. "I really feel like the scope of this one is a lot bigger," Josh explained. "The arena is a lot more interesting because of the different technical aspects of it."

Bigger and more interesting? Hmm. HMMM. Well...yes. We could be okay with that. And since Josh says it's all skippy on set, we'll trust his judgment—and his confidence in Mr. Lawrence to finish out the franchise with panache.

"It's going great. I love Francis," he said. "And I'm really excited to know that we're going to have the continuity, the same kind of vision, for the next two."

Are you hoping that "Catching Fire" will be bigger, bolder, better?