A Holiday Gift Guide For The Adorkable

Rouse yourself from your turkey coma and limber up your clickers, y'all: 'Tis officially the season to find the perfect gift for the deserving people in your life. And to help you navigate the many, many options before you, here's the first installment of a gift guide pegged perfectly to all your favorite tropes and trends from this year's pop-cultural biggies.

First up: We all know a lady or two with DIY leanings, heavy hipster bangs and a shelf full of cult classic DVDs who yearns to be described, above all else, as "adorkable". And if you're looking for something with which to stuff the stocking of your own New Girl, here's our roundup.

1. The perfect addition to an indie holiday playlist: A Very She & Him Christmas featuring Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward (Amazon)

2. A bright-colored duvet cover (Urban Outfitters)

3. A froofy dress with a full skirt that's perfect for parties (Modcloth)

4. A few new pairs of black tights (American Apparel)

5. Zooey's latest: "New Girl, The Complete First Season" (Best Buy)

What items would you add to our adorkable shopping list? Sound off in the comments and on Twitter!