Josh Hutcherson Spills The Beans On His 'Catching Fire' Bromance

Ever since Jennifer Lawrence described the relationship between her "Hunger Games" co-star Josh Hutcherson and their "Catching Fire" castmate Sam Claflin as "a full-on bromance," we've been dying to hear more about this blooming love affair from one of its actual have you, no doubt. So when we got Josh in our studios for a hot second for Thankful Week, we played back the clip of Jennifer's gossip and then told him to spill it, sister.

"Oh, you want the gooey details?" Josh teased, and yes we do, so it was a delight to hear—from the man himself—that the rumors are completely, totally, 100 percent true.

"We totally hit it off," he agreed. "He's just one of those guys that's always down to have fun... We have a similar sense of humor. He likes to play soccer; I play soccer. It's kind of really a great match!"

And of course, the warm and fuzzy relationship between Josh and Sam is right at home on a set where close friendships between the actors are par for the course—and where shenanigans run rampant. And lest you thought that Jennifer Lawrence's notorious penchant for pranks had cooled with age, well... no, it hasn't.

"Oh, God, no, I think it's gotten worse," Josh laughed in response to a question about whether his co-star was behaving herself on set. "It's gotten out of control. All of us, if you have me and Woody [Harrelson] and Jennifer on set together, it's like a group of toddlers. I don't even know how we're making this movie."

Think we'll get a whiff of that bromantic chemistry between Josh and Sam when "Catching Fire" hits theaters?