Have A Happy, Pop-Cultural Thanksgiving

Darren CrissOnce you've gobbled down the Thanksgiving turkey and pummeled that perfect pumpkin pie, you might be left with a lot of time on your hands during the three-day weekend. After all, one can only play Parcheesi with Aunt Bertha or browse the wool socks clearance bin with Uncle Bob so many times before a bit of familial fatigue sets in. Which is why your trusty Hollywood Crush writers are here with a pop-culture to-do list stuffed with top-notch things to watch, read and listen to during the holiday. (Stretchy pants optional...) Dig in!

'Glee'-ful 'Giving

You best clear those dirty dishes quick if you don't want to miss a brand-new episode of "Glee." That's right, McKinley High School is in session for the holiday (unfortunate for them, great for us), and New Directions is slinking into Spandex for a superhero-themed hour of song and dance titled "Dynamic Duos." Let's just say we'd gladly forfeit a second helping of candied yams for a little alone time with Blaine's Nightbird. Superman, who? —Amy Wilkinson

A Different 'Dawn'

Add a heaping side portion of Chris Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson to your Thanksgiving plate and hit theaters to see "Red Dawn" this weekend. We guarantee this remake of the classic 1984 film starring Patrick Swayze and Charlie Sheen will be the perfect patriotic digestif. Chris and Josh take the helm in this new version, in which a band of teenagers rally to defend their Washington hometown from an invasion by North Korean soldiers. Wolverines never die! —Jessica Marshall

Dystopian Dessert

For fans of Ally Condie's dystopian trilogy—about a society in which everything, including love, is regulated and restricted down to the very last detail—November has long been on the calendar as the month when "Reached," the third and final book, hits shelves at last. The exciting conclusion to this story about forbidden love, secret poetry and nascent revolution is a great post-Thanksgiving treat if you've already devoured the first two books—but if you haven't, then take this long, looong weekend to get acquainted with the series in between tryptophan naps. —Kat Rosenfield

Our Kind Of 'Playbook'

If feasting on one "Hunger Games" star's side project isn't filling enough, gobble down Jennifer Lawrence's latest, the eccentric romantic comedy "Silver Linings Playbook." Based on the novel by Matthew Quick, the film follows Bradley Cooper's character Pat as he's discharged from a mental institution (don't beat up your spouse's lover, kids!) and strikes up a perfectly imperfect friendship with Jennifer's equally damaged Tiffany. Katniss she's not, but we bet you too will fall in love with this quirky cutie. —AW

'Twilight' Ear Candy

Definitely download the "Breaking Dawn - Part 2" soundtrack. The album boasts some big names like Green Day, Feist and Ellie Goulding, and Nikki Reed's romantic duet with hubby Paul McDonald, "All I've Ever Needed." My favorite track, however, is the new version of Christina Perri's "A Thousand Years." It's an even more beautiful rendition than the original, and it literally brought tears to my eyes when I heard it at the "BD2" midnight showing. —Jyll Saskin

What are your pop-culture plans for the Thanksgiving holiday? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!

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