Jared Kusnitz Is 'Underemployed' As This Week's Hump Day Hottie

Much to our delight, Jared Kusnitz spends his Tuesday nights here on MTV with us, trying to live out the dream (or, at least figure out what that is) on the network's latest scintillating scripted program, "Underemployed." But, as it turns out, getting to the top isn’t as easy as it seems. So, to make that journey a little smoother, we are naming Jared this week’s Hump Day Hottie.

Check out this dreamy photo of Jared and keep reading for more details about him!

Vital stats: The 26-year-old got his start in the world of theater. From there, he set his sights on Hollywood, taking over the small screen in a number of TV series, and hasn’t looked back since.

Where you might have already seen him: Jared has been in films and movies, racking up credits in "Prom," "Dance of the Dead," "Otis," "Doll Graveyard" and "Community." He’s also starred in hit shows like "Surviving Suburbia” and "The Secret Life of the American Teenager."

Why you should take notice of him now: Well, he’s currently one of the very pretty people on "Underemployed." On it, he plays Lou, a young dad who must take a job at his dad’s chemical company to pay the bills. This happens to rub his convictions the wrong way. Why? Well, he always wanted to be an environmentalist, natch.

"The reality of everything is that you can't get the job that you would've hoped for because the economy is struggling," he told MTV News about the role. "The friendships and relationships are sort of strained, and it's about the plight of the post-grad in today's society trying to make it by."

Until next week, when we choose another Hump Day Hottie, you can salute Jared by gawking the photo above!