Selena Gomez Scores A New Sporty Gig With Adidas

Selena GomezFROM MTV STYLE: We're still waiting oh-so-patiently for the big release of "Spring Breakers," in which sweet little Selena Gomez plays a law-breaking party girl (and, per the actress herself, effectively negates our ability to attach the words "sweet" and "little" to her name ever again). But while the rest of us tap our toes for Selena's new movie, the lady in question isn't standing around with us; she's already cruising onward and upward in search of the next thing, as MTV Style reports that she's signed on for a brand new gig as spokesmodel for adidas NEO.

Selena is right on the heels of on-again off-again beau Justin Bieber with this project, as the pop star announced just last month that he had scored a position promoting the very same brand. Weird, right? But whether it's a couple's stunt that went slightly awry when the two decided to split, or just a really strange coincidence, we're psyched to see Selena's sporty side—not to mention her creative one, since she'll be designing her own collection as part of the partnership.

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