An On-Set Bromance Is 'Catching Fire' According To Jennifer Lawrence

With a whole year to wait before "Catching Fire" hits theaters, "Hunger Games" fans are understandably starving for even the teensiest smidge of info about what's going on with the next installment of their favorite franchise—particularly when it comes to the on-screen stylings of one Sam Claflin, who'll be playing the role of District 4 hottie Finnick Odair. And thankfully, Jennifer Lawrence was willing to take a moment on the red carpet of the premiere for her new film, "Silver Linings Playbook," to throw us a bone.

Only, she says, she's really not the one to ask about Sam's performance: "I am not the right person to answer this question," she said, laughing.

So, who should we be asking?

Her answer: "Josh Hutcherson!"

Yep, that's right: apparently, Sam and Josh have taken their working relationship to the next level...and then some.

"They are in love," Jennifer said. "It's a full-blown bromance, and it's really bromantic and adorable. It's really cute."

And we'd say more, but let's be real, every single person reading this just dropped everything and went running out of the room to get started on a filthy slash-fic about Peeta and Finnick doing unspeakable things to each other in Caesar Flickerman's green room, so...yeah.

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