'Spider-Man' Sequel Casting: Which Potential Harry Osborn Is Hottest?

With a sequel to this year's "The Amazing Spider-Man" officially in the works, there's been plenty of speculation of late as to which young actor will play the next film's most important supporting role: that of Harry Osborn, the moneyed young playboy who serves as Peter Parker's ultimate frenemy. And as of today, our enlightened friends over at MTV Splash Page have a roundup of the latest boys to be bandied about as possible picks for the part.

Because we love a good superhero movie as much as the next guy, we're totally psyched to see that the list contains four truly talented actors, any of whom would be terrific as Harry O. But because we are not, in fact, guys, we also have to point out that Splash Page has failed to discuss the most important component of the casting decision: Which of these guys is the hottest hottie? But don't worry, y'all; we're on it, with a highly scientific ratings system designed to determine their eligibility on a number of fronts, tallied to reveal which of these dudes is the dreamiest dreamboat ever to sail on the Sea of Sexy Men. So without further ado, let's take the measurements of...

Sam Claflin

Rich-boy hair: 8

Soulful eyes: 9

Butt shapeliness: 4 (speculative)

Can he make entitled whining look sexy? (+5 points): yes

Bonus points: +1 for artfully placed moles, +10 for also being Finnick Odair.


Eddie Redmayne

Rich-boy hair: 9

Soulful eyes: 3

Butt shapeliness: 10 (thank you, "My Week With Marilyn")

Can he make entitled whining look sexy? (+5 points): yes

Bonus points: +4 for looking awesome in historical costume (even if it's not totally germane to our purposes here...)


Boyd Holbrook

Rich-boy hair: 1 (possible upgrade after deep-conditioning treatment)

Soulful eyes: 6

Butt shapeliness: 8

Can he make entitled whining look sexy? (+5 points): doubtful

Bonus points: +3 for looking vaguely like Draco Malfoy, +10 for multi-talented-ness (he's also a sculptor!)


Douglas Booth

Rich-boy hair: 7

Soulful eyes: 9

Butt shapeliness: 7

Can he make entitled whining look sexy? (+5 points): definitely

Bonus points: +1 million for that mouth

TOTAL: 1,000,028

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