The Complicated Calculus Of Aro's 'Breaking Dawn - Part 2' Giggle

Much has been made of the jaw-dropping twist ending of "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2," but can we take a moment to recognize another feat of cinematic grandeur in this film franchise finale? Namely, the curious cackle emitted by villainous vampire Aro (otherwise known as actor Michael Sheen) when he meets half-human, half-bloodsucker Renesmee. Because that, fellow Twilghters, is a thing of beauty.

When MTV News' Josh Horowitz sat down with the star in anticipation of the movie's release, he had to get down to the bottom of that giggle.

"It's the laugh of millenia-old insanity rising up for from the abyss that is his empty soul," Michael explained.

When Josh asked for a tutorial, the actor made it clear in no uncertain terms that one does not simply laugh like Aro.

"You to have, like I say, imagine being so old for years upon years and something you've never seen before, something you never even thought you could possibly see, the newest and most extraordinary of things suddenly appears before you, which is in the film this young girl Renesmee. You just have to let it out."

But if there were a sure-fire recipe, it'd look a little something like this: "I played Mozart years ago, so there's a bit of Mozart's laugh from 'Amadeus.' There's a bit of the madness of Roman emperors, like Caligula and Nero and a sort of amalgamation of all the characters I've played. You have to sort of not be scared to look stupid."

And, apparently, have a director who isn't scared of you looking stupid.

"Bill Condon really fought to keep that laugh in," Michael added. "I think some people were a bit scared that it might be a bit too much."

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