Will The Future Of 'Twilight' Include Bill Condon, Melissa Rosenberg?

It's a question we've been posing to the entire cast and crew of "The Twilight Saga": What future do you foresee for the franchise?

Second only to author Stephenie Meyer, director Bill Condon and screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg probably have the most informed insight (sorry, Taylor Lautner!) when it comes to matters of spin-offs, sequels and the like. So when we sat down with them in anticipation of "Breaking Dawn - Part 2," we asked them to speculate about where things go from here.

"It was interesting—we talked early on—when you take that final book and all the vampires get introduced, it's hard to give each of them their due," Bill explained. "They all have great back stories. I suggested new filmmakers do something for the DVD—a film for each one of them. That never happened, but it does seem to me there is some way that the whole universe that gets hinted in this movie could be explored, but put the Edward and Bella story to bed."

Bill added whatever route producers decide to travel, it will probably be without him. "I think my time is over," he said.

Screenwriter Melissa, however, would be game for another go around in Forks, Washington, though she hasn't had any discussion with the studio just yet.

"I think it's really all dependent on Stephenie, what she decides," Melissa explained. "As I understand, she's still weighing all that. I don't think anything happens with the 'Twilight' franchise unless Stephenie's on board."

As for which characters could be revisited, Melissa said the options are nearly limitless.

"Anyone of these characters could go off and have their own franchise. They're all so very rich," she explained. "I think the character Leah, the wolf, to me has the most story to tell because she's the most unfinished in the films and in the books, but you could track Jacob and Nessie into wherever they're going. You could go anywhere."

Click play on the video above to hear more from Melissa, including her thoughts on "Twilight" TV!

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