Peep EXCLUSIVE Book Trailer For 'Dance Of Shadows'

Considering that the best-known paranormal romantic heroine of all time is also known for being a graceless klutz (what up, Bella?), can we admit that we're just a little excited for Yelena Black's "Dance of Shadows," in which the girl at the center of this supernatural, super-sexy story is not just not a klutz, but a prima ballerina whose gift for dancing comes from a place not entirely of this world? Because we are! We are excited! And today, we've got the EXCLUSIVE debut of the book trailer, so that you, too, can be excited, which is very exciting. YES. Look!

The trailer opens with a be-tutu-ed ballerina who can only be Vanessa: a gifted student at the same elite academy of dance that her older sister attended before she mysteriously disappeared. In between twirls and arabesques, blood-red titles punctuated by tumbling rose petals tell the story of a reluctant ingenue, a school with secrets, a romance in the wings, and—of course—a conflict that could cost our heroine her life. What conflict? Let's just say that we've heard rumors of supernatural talents, a cursed ballet called "Firebird" and a love triangle between Vanessa and two hot (and, amazingly given the setting, heterosexual) fellow dancers...all of which make this book one of our most-anticipated releases of next year. Get ready to strap on your pointe shoes: "Dance of Shadows" hits shelves in February 2013.

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