Taylor Lautner Approves Of A 'Twilight' Musical

As "The Twilight Saga" draws to a close, plenty of fans and industry types alike have speculated over how the franchise can continue—whether it be a television spin-off or cinematic reboot. We posed the question to star Taylor Lautner, who offered another suggestion:

"How about a musical? That would be fun!" he said.

I guess Taylor never got the memo about that staging of "Twilight: The Musical" in New York earlier this year. But no matter! Because the 20-year-old had, perhaps, an even better idea after that.

"What about a reality TV show? Is that possible?"

We don't know, Taylor. But if anyone would be capable of producing "The Real World: Forks" it'd surely be MTV, right?

What say you, Crushers? Are you eager for "Twilight" to return in some form? Tell us what you think in the comments and on Twitter!