10 Top 'Twi'-Links To Bite Into

As the sun sets on "The Twilight Saga," we've been busy throwing a going-away party of sorts for Bella, Edward and Jacob here at Hollywood Crush, but we realize the internet is a big place, and we aren't the only ones feting the film franchise finale. As such, we've scoured the world wide web (so 1997 of us!) to compile the most sparkling coverage you can't miss.

+ Bella and Edward like to look at each other. Like, a lot. [VH1 Celebrity]

+ "Carlisle, gurl, we can see that lace-front." The wigs of "The Twilight Saga." [Vulture]

+ The entire "Twilight Saga" told through GIFs. [MTV Movies Blog]

+ When Rob met Jumping Rob. [Letters to Twilight]

+ Shop the looks of "Breaking Dawn - Part 2." [NextMovie]

+ What's next for the "Twilight" cast? [People]

+ Jacob buys a shirt? The best #FakeTwilightSpoilers. ["Late Night With Jimmy Fallon]

+ Newsy! Here are all the big world events that happened between "Twilight" and "Breaking Dawn - Part 2." [Huffington Post]

+ Josh Horowitz basically owes his career to "Twilight." [MTV News]

+ "Twilight" by the numbers. [Seattle Times]

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