Robert Pattinson And Puppies: What Else Do You Need To Know?

Anything else I could write here will be superfluous once I drop these four words on you: Robert Pattinson and puppies. Are you still with me, or have you gone in frantic search of a paper bag with which to abate the unprecedented fits of hyperventilation? Well, if you are still cognizant, you best get to pushing play on the latest episode of After Hours titled "Ruff Decisions."

And if the above didn't completely convince you (and if it didn't, WHO ARE YOU?), let me briefly explain. We all know Rob is a dog lover—he's often snapped out and about with pup Bear. So MTV News' Josh Horowitz deemed him the perfect expert to judge a few pooch pics to determine which one is the cutest.

Though, to be fair, he was pretty biased in that final round. (I mean, it's BOO!)

Click play for all the awesomeness.

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