'Divergent' Casting: Four Vying For Four

With actress Shailene Woodley aboard as tough-as-nails Tris in the big-screen adaptation of "Divergent," casting directors are now sounding the whistle for her hunky, dystopian love interest. And, according to Deadline, four(!) actors are vying for the role of Dauntless instructor Four.

The highest-profile name among them is Lucas Till, who played Havok in the superhero flick "X-Men: First Class." Lucas has had a number of brushes with hot YA film properties—he reportedly auditioned for the role of everyone's favorite baker boy Peeta Mellark in "The Hunger Games." This could be the part that finally secures leading-man status for Lucas.

But he has a trio of competitors to face: "Monte Carlo" actor Luke Bracey, "Blue Lagoon: The Awakening" star Brenton Thwaites (who will also play the Young Prince in the upcoming "Maleficent"), and Jack Reynor. (Does this mean "Hunger Games" star Alexander Ludwig is officially out of contention?)

Obviously it's hard to judge from simply looking at photos which of these actors will be the best fit for Four, but we're asking you to do it anyway! Take a gander at the competition and tell us: Who should hop the "Divergent" train alongside Shailene? Vote in our poll below!