'Twilight' Fashion Flashback!

New York, London, Paris, Milan and...Forks? Yes, Twilighters. With all the cutting edge, jaw-dropping, iconic fashion that’s come out of "The Twilight Saga" over the last few years, both on and off screen, we’re officially declaring the Washington town a new fashion capital of the world. Let’s indulge our sartorial sides and take a look back at some of the best looks by the "Twilight" crew (both on and off screen).

The evolution of Kristen Stewart has definitely been one of the highlights of following the saga through five movies. From her awkward days in Converse and jeans to her screen siren look at Monday’s big "Breaking Dawn - Part 2" premiere, Kristen sure has come a long way. We saw hints of the stylishness that was to come in this color-blocked asymmetrical dress that she wore to the Los Angeles premiere of "Twilight." Skipping over the "New Moon" promotional tour (remember the remnants of her "Runaways" mullet? Yeah, we’d rather forget, too.), KStew's penchant for one-sleeved dresses while out shilling "Eclipse" suited her well. And of course, to close out the series in style, Kristen wowed us all this week in a stunning nude lace gown, flowing hair and red lips—clear evidence that this formerly introverted actress has truly blossomed in the spotlight.

Of course, no red carpet redux would be complete without recognizing the wonderful Ashley Greene and Nikki Reed. Ashley favors classic, feminine looks on the red carpet, like this classic red gown with shoulder cut-outs that she sported at the "New Moon" premiere. Nikki tends to be more adventurous and playful; not everyone could pull off feathers, embroidery and cleavage in one look like she did at the "Eclipse" premiere. Yup, hubby Paul McDonald is one lucky man!

If we’re talking "Twilight" style evolution, we can’t exclude Kristen Stewart’s better half, Bella Swan. Sure, the plaid shirts and jeans were enough to, you know, attract Edward AND Jacob’s attention, but we still get shivers when we think about the character’s fashion transformation in "Breaking Dawn - Part 1." When Alice takes away Bella’s sneakers and replaces them with Manolos, the clumsy Forks resident may not be able to walk properly, but she sure does look elegant and inspires major shoe envy. And of course, Bella’s custom-designed Carolina Herrera wedding gown is the perfect mix of old-fashioned yet modern, one-of-a-kind yet classic, and innocent yet sexy.

Last, but definitely not least, we recognize the iconic looks of "Twilight"'s leading men: Edward Cullen and Jacob Black. Though Robert Pattinson has admitted he felt silly wearing it, we never knew a peacoat could look so sexy until Edward flaunted his in "Twilight." Mouthwatering! Speaking of mouthwatering, Stephenie Meyer deserves a shout-out for writing Jacob’s character as being perpetually shirtless from "New Moon" onwards. Because of this, we got to appreciate the glory of Taylor Lautner’s abs, pecs and biceps again...and again...and again. Toned werewolf six-packs are always in style!

What’s your favorite Twilight look? Let us know in the comments, or tweet us a picture!