All Hail The Swan-Stache: An Interview With 'Twilight''s Famous Facial Hair

With "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2" hitting theaters this Friday, the time has come to say some hard goodbyes. Goodbye to copper-eyed vampires with glittering pecs that sparkle in the Pacific Northwest sun; goodbye to shapeshifting wolfmen who are allergic to wearing shirts; goodbye to Forks High School and its charmingly clueless student body. But of all the things we'll miss from the annals of the "Twilight" universe, there's one individual whose loss we're feeling particularly keenly —one who made us laugh, who made us swoon and whose mere presence on camera stole the show every time. And today, we're delighted to announce that this star of the films has taken time from his busy schedule to chat exclusively, one-on-one with Hollywood Crush.

We're talking, of course, about Charlie Swan's Mustache.

Hollywood Crush: Mr. C.S. Mustache, thanks for joining us.

C.S. Mustache: It's my pleasure.

So, tell us: with "The Twilight Saga" coming to an end, will you be sad to say goodbye?

It's been a surprisingly emotional experience, yeah. I've always been more of the stoic type—I'm a cop mustache, after all, I'm not about to go flailing and quivering all over the place just 'cause a movie is wrapping up—but this has been a hell of a journey. I'm just grateful I got to come along.

Is there any cast member you have a particularly special relationship with?

Kristen Stewart, for sure. I've brushed up against her forehead so many times over the course of four films, we couldn't help becoming close. And of course I've had good relationships with the props I've draped myself over—beer bottles, coffee mugs, things like that.

You've been such an important part of this franchise for so long, but as we understand it, your appearance in the film wasn't a sure thing until shooting was nearly underway.

Yeah, Billy Burke actually brought me on at the last minute, way back in 2008 when "Twilight" was about to start filming. It's really because of him that I've had this chance. He's a good dude.

Was this your first major role?

It was more of a comeback, actually. I'd been working steadily during the 1980s, getting bit parts on crime dramas—every cop needed a mustache back then, so for guys like me, it was a boon time. But when the clean-shaven look came in, things kind of dried up. This was a lucky break, although some of the 'staches I worked with back in the day have been teasing me for being in a kiddie romance.

And now that your commitment to the "Twilight" films is at an end, what's next for you? Do you have auditions lined up?

Truth be told, I think this is it for me. Too many people know me as Charlie Swan's Mustache, it'd be hard to get away from that. And I'm ready for retirement: a quiet place down South, maybe some occasional weekend work on the Civil War reenactment circuit.

We wish you the best. But is there any role that might tempt you back into Hollywood?

Well...I can't think of one, but if Burt Reynolds calls, I'd be willing to have a conversation.