'The Host' EXCLUSIVE Trailer: The Alien Invasion Begins

Lest you missed all the hubbub yesterday, Saoirse Ronan is giving the world a first, EXCLUSIVE look at the trailer for her soon-to-be-released sci-fi romance, "The Host," here on MTV.com.

Prepare to have your mind blown by the sheer spectacle of it all.

In the trailer, we see the world of the future: where disembodied aliens came to Earth, overwrote everyone's brains with their own parasitic consciousness and more or less turned the human race into a bunch of walking iPods made of meat. Only a few have been spared—including Melanie, who manages to meet and fall in love with one of the few remaining non-pod-person males left on earth. But life on the run is risky, and it's not long before Melanie finds herself captured by the alien Souls (led by an ice-cold Diane Kruger)... and at 1:37, things get real. Action! Desert caves! Battles for the future of humanity! Plus, cute boys! Looks exciting, doesn't it?

"The Host" hits theaters March 29, 2013.

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