'Twilight' Descends: A Look Back At Five Years Covering The Saga

Twilight"But is it scary?" I asked rather sheepishly.

Having never cut my teeth on Anne Rice, or soaked in the suds of Sookie Stackhouse, I was anything but fang-friendly when a photo editor colleague at Entertainment Weekly recommended I read a buzzy bloodsucker series penned by Stephenie Meyer. But after a splashy cover story (for which Robert Pattinson famously posed as the love child of Fabio and Donald Trump), my curiosity could not be denied. And I bit into "Twilight."

It was 2008, and I had moved to the city a few months earlier to pursue a career in magazine journalism. Little did I know as I paged past the lacquered black cover and into the depths of Edward and Bella's star-crossed romance how pivotal the series would prove to my career path.

As one of only a handful of dot-com writers who had—at that point—become intimately acquainted with the goings on in Forks, Washington, I became one of the go-to scribes for all things related to the series, which provided many more writing opportunities and reporting outings than the average intern would have dreamt of. One of my most cherished memories from that time speaks to just how nichey the saga scene was before the "Twilight" film debuted later that year.

While doing my daily web sweep one morning, I stumbled upon a blurb touting an Apple store event with Robert and director Catherine Hardwicke. I pitched the story to my editor, who quickly put me in touch with one of Apple's publicists...and I was in. With only about seven hours' notice. No muss. No fuss. That, Twilighters, would never happen today. In 2012, the stars are as closely guarded as Area 51. But, in 2008, the only hoopla seemed to be coming from bloodthirsty fans. In fact, the SoHo event was so devoid of media (I'm pretty sure it was just EW.com and Vanity Fair), that I brought my fellow intern, Jean, along as my "photographer."

My obsession (which, in a work environment, translates to "diligence") earned me a surprise screening invite—my first as a fledgling journalista. And as you'd expect, I loved what I saw. Since I'd already bought tickets to a midnight screening, I went to that one too.

Less than a year later, my first reporting gig for MTV came courtesy of the film franchise too. I was sent into the wilds of Forks Parsippany, New Jersey, to cover a "Twilight" convention. It was a mixed experience, to be sure, considering a last-minute convention loophole ensured that I couldn't actually interview any of the stars in attendance. But no matter! I was among friendly folk who were even more fanatical than I, and the assignment was one of many that led to my current position as your fearless Hollywood Crush editor.

Now, after nearly five years reading and writing about all things "Twilight," it would be disingenuous to say my devotion to the series burns as brightly as it did in those halcyon days. One can only pen so many opuses to Robert Pattinson's locks or Taylor Lautner's abs before a certain level of fatigue sets in. And with a slew of fresh YA adaptations hitting theaters (among them, "Beautiful Creatures" and "The Mortal Instruments"), it's easy to catch a case of Bright Shiny New Thing Syndrome, abandoning the old for the newly born. But "Twilight" has given me too many opportunities to let its twilight descend un-remarked-upon.

So, dear series, as you warm up for your swan song on Friday, I have just one thing left to say: Thank you.

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