'The Host' Trailer Lands Tomorrow!

We feel like we've been waiting practically forever for a really complete sneak peek at the hotly anticipated sci-fi flick "The Host"—and with nothing to do in the meantime but watch and rewatch the totally cool but far too short teaser video featuring the weird ethereal penumbra of Saoirse Ronan's alien eyeballs. But now, our patience has paid off: the star of the film will be right here tomorrow at 7 a.m., debuting the first-ever full-length trailer for "The Host" on MTV.com! Are you excited? WE'RE EXCITED.

And before Saoirse unveils this amazing first look at the best love story ever to involve parasitic aliens on a mission to dominate the human race, she's also got some exciting inside info to share: what it was like to see a cut of the film for the first time, how she's dealing with the inevitable "Twilight" comparisons ("The Host" is adapted from another book by Stephenie Meyer) and what she'll be up to in the next year—which includes starring in an Elizabethan-era biopic about Mary Queen of Scots and working with hipster darling Wes Anderson on his next feature film project.

Want to know more? Get ready, go set your alarm for tomorrow's bright, early, extraterrestrial trailer reveal, and then click on over to MTV News to get psyched about what you'll be seeing!

Will you be up at the crack of dawn to see "The Host" trailer make its debut?