'Are We Officially Dating?' Courts Michael B. Jordan

Given its evocative name, it's very appropriate that the upcoming rom-com "Are We Officially Dating?" keeps rounding out its cast with dudes who we'd loooove to date—officially or not, really. We aren't picky.

The movie, which already had snagged Zac Efron in its headline role, has tapped the exquisitely handsome Michael B. Jordan to play another one of the film's three avowed bachelors, who swear they'll stay single forever and ever.. and then, of course, promptly fall in love with three lovely girls whom their stupid bro pact prevents them from actually dating, and hijinks ensue.

Michael is an up-and-comer who gained notice in the airplane adventure flick "Red Tails" last year, but you probably knew him already thanks to a recurring role on "Friday Night Lights," where he was absolutely delicious in a football uniform, and especially in those red-orange spandex pants that made him look like a sexy callipygian tomato. And while "Are We Officially Dating?" is still working to fill out the rest of its roles (including the third fellow in the trifecta of dumb pact-making dudes), this is such a good-looking movie already that we're pretty rarin' to see it hit screens next year.

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