The Twi-Fight Saga: Twilight Lexicon's Laura Byrne Cristiano Picks Her Winner

MTV News' Twi-Fight Saga continues with round five, in which 4 of Stephenie Meyer's vampires will do battle for the title of No. 1 "Twilight" character. Each round a "Twilight" expert will weigh in on who she thinks will take the entire tournament. Today, Laura Byrne Cristiano of Twilight Lexicon shares her pick for victor.

Well, it looks like what most people predicted, an Edward and Bella showdown, is what the final round has come down to. There were some surprises. Personally, I'm still getting over Jacob getting taken out by Quil! Seriously, how did that happen? Now it's down to choosing between our favorites, Edward and Bella.

People might think, "OK, Robert Pattinson is so popular this is an easy Edward win." The only thing is that it's not a Rob and Kristen battle, it's an Edward and Bella battle, which means don't count our heroine out! Fans experience "Breaking Dawn" and the entire "Twilight Saga" mostly through Bella's eyes, and now that she's a vampire she finally gets her happily ever after. On the other hand, Edward Cullen is the fantasy man of so many women, and he finally gives Bella some credit in "Breaking Dawn." So these may be famous last words, but I have a feeling that Bella might edge Edward on this last battle.

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