'Twilight' Supercut: Save Bella!

If it's not a coven of bloodthirsty vamps, it's a roving gang of Port Angeles hoodlums, or—even more embarrassingly—her own two left feet. Yes, whatever the danger, it seems "Twilight" protagonist Bella Swan is a magnet for it. Hence, the teen's need for 24-hour protection to rival our Commander in Chief's Secret Service detail. And we've got all the proof of this you need in the video below.

In anticipation of the film franchise's long-awaited finale, "Breaking Dawn - Part 2," your fellow "Twilight" obsessives at MTV News took a gander at the saga's first four installments, making special note of all the moments Edward, Jacob and their ilk pledge their protection to Bella. And, boy, does it happen a lot!

See what we mean by clicking play on the video above. Save Bella—goodness knows she needs it...for now!

It's all come down to Edward vs. Bella! Don't forget to cast your vote for the No. 1 "Twilight" character in our Twi-Fight Saga!

Are you surprised by just how many times "Twilight" characters pledge to protect Bella? Sound off in the comments and on Twitter!

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