Bella And Edward Face Off In Final Twi-Fight Round!

We're not sure our "Twilight"-loving hearts can take this! After five fierce rounds of face-offs, only two vamps remain in MTV News' epic Twi-Fight Saga — and they're the last two we'd ever want to see battle! That's right; as you probably could have guessed, bloodsucking sweethearts Edward Cullen and Bella Swan are going head-to-head in the Championship Round. (Please give us a moment to compose ourselves...)

Okay! So, yeah. How does one choose between impossibly beautiful Edward and freshly fierce Bella? They're a package deal! They're inseparable! But, choose we must though. And so must you! Head on over to to cast your ballot in the final round of The Twi-Fight Saga. Voting will continue through November 12, when the No. 1 "Twilight" character will finally be revealed!

Who do you think will win the final round of our Twi-Fight Saga? Sound off in the comments and on Twitter!