The Twi-Fight Saga: Twilightish's Elena Raines Picks Her Favorites

MTV News' Twi-Fight Saga continues with round five, in which 4 of Stephenie Meyer's vampires will do battle for the title of No. 1 "Twilight" character. Each round a "Twilight" expert will weigh in on who she thinks will take the entire tournament. Today, Elena Raines of Twilightish shares her pick for victor.

We're down to the Final Four, and I don't think there's any question who will be advancing to the next round. On one hand we have Edward vs. Kate. While we've gotten a glimpse at Kate in "Breaking Dawn - Part 1," fans won't get a chance to appreciate her sassy attitude and her bad-ass vampire gift until seeing seeing "Breaking Dawn - Part 2." But even after seeing the final installment of "The Twilight Saga" myself and watching Kate gallantly defend the Cullens, I can safely say that that my vote is for Edward, and I'm certain the fandom will agree.

On the other hand we have Bella vs. Jasper. My argument is the same. While we've known and loved Jasper since the first film, I dare you not to love him more after "Breaking Dawn - Part 2." But this is Bella we're talking about here, guys. We love Bella. We've watched her grow from the shy human to the fierce vampire and I know fans will advance her to the next round.

So I guess the question really is, are you ready to pit Bella and Edward against each other, and who will be the victor?

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