Bryan Greenberg Debuts His EXCLUSIVE Election-Inspired Track 'Generations'

Bryan GreenbergWith Election Day less than 24 hours away, Hollywood's hottest are making one final push to encourage young voters to head to the polls. Among them is actor-singer Bryan Greenberg, who is partnering with MTV News to debut his election-inspired track "Generations," off of his upcoming album Everything Changes.

"I didn't want to wait with this song," Bryan told us bright and early this morning via phone. "I just wanted to get it out there."

The song is a battle cry of sorts for a generation Bryan sees as disenfranchised and discouraged. "After 2000, I just sort of noticed when it came down to 537 votes in Florida, I was like, 'Wow, this generation—we just don't care.' Our generation was a little too apathetic for my taste, so I wanted to have people rise up and care and speak their minds."

After years of rumination, Bryan finally put pen to paper for "Generations."

"It's not me saying, 'You guys are lazy.' I feel the same way. I feel disenfranchised," he said of his motivation for the track.

And if you pick out references to iconic artists of yore throughout the melancholy tune—that's not by accident.

"My parents listened to the Beatles and [Bob] Dylan and all these socially conscious bands, and not that I'm socially conscious in my music—I usually talk about relationships and stuff—[but] I'm constantly going back to those ideas of the '60s and those songs."

Ultimately, Bryan says he doesn't care who you vote for, just that you vote.

"I went to Colorado, and I went to Nevada last weekend, going to colleges and talking to undecided voters," he said. "What's in the video is what I feel. I'm more concerned that you vote than who you vote for. I want you to care. That's my main thing. If they ask me who I believe in, then I tell them, and I tell them why."

Keep an eye out for Bryan's upcoming album Everything Changes, and in the meantime, click over to to download a free copy of "Generations."

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