Twi-Fight Gets Heated As 'Breaking Dawn - Part 2' Actors Stump For Fave Characters

The Elite Eight round of MTV News' epic Twi-Fight Saga is winding down (seriously, less than two hours to go, guys!), and if you're still undecided as to which of Stephenie Meyer's characters deserve your vote, perhaps you should take a gander at this here video. Because when we caught up with the cast of "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2" recently, several of the stars delivered impassioned pleas for their favorite vampire or human (if not themselves).

Unsurprisingly, Kristen Stewart was pretty certain her alter ego Bella Swan had this one in the bag. "I think I've proved time and time again that old Bella represents and comes out on top," she said confidently. "Done. I've got it."

But Bella better watch her back, because it seems several stars have a sweet spot for her sheriff father, Charlie Swan, whom she's facing in the Elite Eight.

"Billy Burke's character Charlie, he's my favorite one," Kellan Lutz enthused.

"I would go Charlie," Taylor Lautner agreed. "Dude, I love Charlie. People have this thing for Charlie, and I admit, I have it. He is just—look, I give a lot of the credit to Billy Burke, who plays him. He brings so much to that role. He made Charlie Charlie."

So it looks like the most contentious race here could be between father and daughter. Which'll make for even more awkward dinner convo, amiright?

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