Our 5 Favorite Moments From MTV First: 'Breaking Dawn - Part 2'

It was the beginning of the end last night during our final First dedicated to all things "Twilight." But before you dissolve into crying jags with only your Edward Cullen body pillow to wipe your tears, there's plenty to celebrate. Like, you know, the fact that we got an entire 30 minutes with Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner. And they did and said a lot of things. A lot of cool, fun, awesome, vampirey, werewolfy things! And we have a few favorite moments—five to be exact. So check them out after the jump and be sure to leave your own faves in the comments below!

Robert feels up...Taylor?!

During a segment in which Josh Horowitz asked the cast to reflect on a number of the saga's most memorable moments (vampire baseball, anyone?), Robert admitted that the tent scene in "Eclipse" ended up a bit handsier than the script directions called for. Mostly because he kept slapping Taylor's, um, manpecs. "I remember grabbing your boob all the time in this one," Robert said to Taylor.

The cast reads a lost script for "Breaking Dawn - Part 3"

Okay, so this isn't exactly Stephenie Meyer-sanctioned stuff, but it does include a cameo by hot-shot modeling agent Josh Powers. So there's that.

"Twilight" terminology

When it comes to vernacular like "Krisbian" and "OME!" the cast of "Twilight" are surprisingly uninformed. I guess all that movie-making doesn't leave a lot of time to troll fansites. Sad.

Edward and Bella's 'Ghost' sex

Any soundbite in which Robert utters the phrase "third form of sexuality" is worthy of a click. Seriously. Do it.

Most likely to...

Since the end of "The Twilight Saga" is something of a graduation for Rob, Kristen and Taylor, we asked them to assign senior superlative to each other. Spoiler: Kristen is a lot like Vampire Bella. We're not sure if that means she eats raw deer in real life or what.

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