'Vampire Diaries' Recap: 'The Five'

Vampire Diariesby Ryan J. Downey

A cure for vampirism? "The Vampire Diaries" never toyed with this premise...until now!

Plus, the show's new professor, Professor Shane, was supposedly a friend of Bonnie's grandmother. He seemed to offer a way for Bonnie to practice magic, even. But while he may be a "friend" to her, he's apparently a big new enemy for the vamps.

Last week, even Connor didn't know what this "The Five" business was Klaus was going on about. He's part of "The Five"? What's that? And why does that mean Klaus suddenly wanted to keep Connor (and Elena, for that matter) alive?

This week's episode promised revelations right in the title. "The Five" opened with a flashback to 1110 AD. A witch stood in the center of a circle of what looked like "Game of Thrones"-style warriors. At the conclusion of the spell, they each had those mysterious sort invisible tattoos Jeremy spotted on Connor. They also had swords with the same symbol as Connor's wooden bullets. In the present day, we saw the Salvatore brothers studying said bullets and other personal items from Connor's RV.

Damon suspected that Connor, who he presumed dead, was supernatural. Stefan's ears pricked up at the mention of "The Five." The brothers agreed that they are no longer in a "fight," though Stefan will always be mad about Damon letting Elena feed from him. Sheriff Forbes called Damon and broke the news that Connor is most likely, in fact, still alive out there.

After almost killing Matt the night before, Elena was more convinced than ever that she needed to learn Damon's ways of "snatch, feed, erase," despite Stefan's continued discomfort. Must be the doppelganger thing, but she just can't hang with Stefan's animal eating ways. He had no problem teaching her "hunter/defense" techniques with a crossbow, however. Elena told Stefan not to be jealous. "You're the one who's getting me through this, no matter who teaches me how to feed."

Matt rejected Rebekah's overture (a brand new truck) at the Mystic Grill, which made her vulnerable enough to entertain a conversation with Klaus, even though he had kicked her out of his family and skipped town last time they spoke. "What if I told you the brotherhood of The Five still existed?" he asked her. She was startled, but held her ground. Beat it, Klaus!

Damon, Elena and Bonnie road-tripped to a college and listened to a course about witches. During the lecture, the professor explained that witches are responsible for everything supernatural (ooh, deepening "TVD" mythology!) from vampires to ghosts to doppelgangers. Damon cracked a joke about the guy being "Witchipedia," but Bonnie was enthralled. Elena still had her own problems on her mind. "What if I'm a 'ripper'?" she asked Damon. Damon started to explain how to target victims. Don't go after a stoner. Don't go after someone who is suspicious in nature. Separate people from the pack.

Back at Casa de Klaus, Connor was chained up and Stefan was waiting for Mystic Falls' most evil Original Vampire. Despite using techniques from the Inquisition, Klaus hadn't gotten any information about the "greater evil" Connor has said was coming. Klaus figured Stefan may "actually be useful in getting my sister to cooperate," so he decided to explain The Brotherhood of the Five to him. They were high-skilled vampire hunters who the Originals encountered in 12th century Italy.

This gave us a nice flashback, complete with Elijah. "Stories about the Original Vampires are spreading," cautioned Elijah. "I welcome such infamy!" Klaus replied. Turned out Rebekah was in love with one of them. Klaus promised more information for Stefan if he would help him convince Rebekah to make peace, because Rebekah has information for both of them. "What's in it for me?" Stefan asked. "Just me when I say this," Klaus promised. "That hunter holds the answer to all your prayers."

Speaking of Rebekah, Matt was pretty disappointed to see April hanging out with her at the Mystic Grill, though he did decide to keep the truck. Stefan showed up and compelled April to forget the conversation he was about to have with his old flame from the '20s. He told her about Klaus' plan but revealed he'd rather help her. "Why? You hate me more than he does," she said. "Because I want to figure out what he's up to. Plus I can give you the one thing that he won't: a clean slate. I'm not saying I'm willing to forgive you for what you did to Elena, but I'm willing to set it aside and start over."

Damon University continued at the college, with Damon and Elena stalking a girl from the school. Elena's compassion got the best of her at the last second and she couldn't feed. "Everybody is somebody's uncle or father or camp counselor or Bible study teacher," Damon scoffed. Bonnie, meanwhile, had talked to Professor Shane about getting some of her Gram's old stuff. It also turned out there was going to be a big frat party on campus. Perfect place to eat, Damon figured.

Stefan, Klaus and Rebekah broke bread (and celebrated the Council burning up the town's vervain). As the brother and sister argued, Stefan dryly chimed in: "Let me just name the other million people I'd rather be having dinner with right now." Next, more flashbacks, where we saw more with Alexander, who unwittingly explained the origin of The Five to the Originals. The Five had some sort of ultimate weapon. The tattoos are a map to them. Cue Jeremy, the only person who can see them.

At the frat party, Elena noticed a guy slipping date-rape drugs into girls' drinks. Perfect target! Maybe too perfect. She took herself right to the edge while feeding, but managed to pull back just in time. In a great moment reminiscent of young Kirsten Dunst in "Interview with the Vampire," she lept into Damon's arms and whispered, "I want more."

Connor explained a bit more about the tattoo to Jeremy (drawing it for Klaus under duress), like how it spread with every vampire he killed. He's also convinced that Jeremy must be a hunter, since he can see it. In a sexy flashback, Rebekah learned that the sword carried by Alexander was the key to reading the tattoo map. And that he had a magic, Original paralyzing dagger. How'd she learn about that? When he stuck it in her (the dagger, we mean!). Alexander was able to put down more Originals after that. But Klaus' werewolf side prevented the dagger from affecting him. Later, Alexander!

What's that big weapon? A cure! That's what Alexander promised Rebekah. When the hunters died back in Italy, their tattoos disappeared from their bodies. With The Five extinct for 900 years, the Originals never searched for the cure. Curing Elena will allow Klaus to go back to mass producing hybrids (as Rebekah put it). "You can shove your cure," she scowled. The map was still useless without the sword, so Klaus enlisted Stefan to get its whereabouts from Rebekah to cure Elena.

Damon and Elena hit the dance floor and fed like crazy, compelling away memories, with the party's blood theme providing the perfect cover. Mouths awash in blood, Damon and Elena got really, really, really close dancing with each other. Bonnie returned from the professor's place and caught them in a moment of obvious pre-make out, which shocked Elena out of it. "I should be here with Stefan. I shouldn't be here with him," Elena said. Damon overheard it. Bonnie lectured Damon, but he was fighting back. "She was having fun," he said. He said making it fun was how he avoided losing control like Stefan.

Connor bit an earring off one of Klaus' hybrid henchman, allowing him to pick the locks on his medieval bonds. Rebekah spilled her feelings to Stefan at the Salvatore house. They talked about the cure, whether they'd want it for themselves. "I'd do anything to save [Elena]," he said. Rebekah admitted she envied the love Stefan and Elena shared. "I know you want my help Stefan, but I just can't do anything that lets my brother get what he wants." Stefan admitted he wanted the cure for himself, too. He wants to get married, have children, grow old and die together with Elena. That's why he'd take the cure.

She kept talking long enough to reveal that she buried Alexander with his sword and even the place where he did it. Klaus emerged from the shadows and (a tear streaming down his cheek) daggered Rebekah, with Stefan's reluctant blessing. First, Rebekah made it clear she'd rather be someone who loved too easily than someone like her brother, who can't love at all. Klaus and Stefan agreed to keep the news of "the cure" secret, even from Damon and from Elena.

Speaking of those two, they shared a tender moment on the porch of the Gilbert house, where she admitted that Damon is probably right about what a vampire should be. Stefan was there compelling memories away from Jeremy. Stefan didn't tell them about Connor, Klaus or the cure. "She's all yours," Damon said to Stefan as he left. Elena told Stefan, "I can't live like this. I'm becoming someone that I don't want to be. I don't think I'm going to survive this."

Stefan promised her that she will and told her, "You just have to hold on."

Meanwhile, Connor ripped the head off a hybrid, giving him more tattoos. The latest tattoo's image was on the wall of Professor Shane's house, where Connor next arrived. "Shouldn't you be in Mystic Falls, killing vampires?" the professor asked.

"Why the hell did you send me there?" Connor answered.

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