Style Superstar: Lucy Hale Makes A Sequined Splash

We already gave props to Lucy Hale during our rundown of the best out-and-out costumes worn by celebs during this Halloween Hallo-week, but clearly, the actress is on a roll: Not only did she win all of the awards as a frilly, furry, pink-tutu-wearing unicorn for trick-or-treating purposes, but she dazzled at last night's Country Music Awards with a look that would've spooked a less adventurous star.

Lucy's Moschino gown is a beautiful conflict of interests: drapey, cowl-necked white lace overlaid with a bold, dramatic splash of black sequins. It's a design that catches the eye, and the imagination (doesn't it look like the dress is transforming from the bodice out into a darker, shinier, sexier version of itself?)—and it offered a pitch-perfect wink to all things creepy-crawly on the day following Halloween. And with onyx drop earrings, lush curls and a luscious red pout, Lucy was Exhibit A for the sort of bold fashion statement that makes a true Style Superstar.

Meanwhile, in West Hollywood, Rihanna was having a rare miss in the style department—when she arrived for her duties as queen of the Halloween Carnaval wearing this black sleeveless number with mesh-paneled ankle boots. It's not that there's anything wrong with the dress, and Ri-Ri looks sizzling as always, but...but...she's the queen. The Halloween Queen! If ever there were a time to do some daring dress-up, this was it! And since the singer isn't exactly known for her risk-averse fashion sense, donning this staid black look on an evening when she could've pushed the envelope is just not okay. Or, as a style critic ghost would say, BOO.

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