Francis Lawrence Is On For 'Mockingjay': Do You Say Yea Or Nay?

Francis LawrenceAlthough "Catching Fire" is still in the process of filming and won't be out in theaters for ages (November 22, 2013, to be precise), there must be something happening on set that tickled the fancy of the folks at Lionsgate!

The news hit this afternoon that director Francis Lawrence, who was brought on board for the "Hunger Games" sequel, has officially been tapped to remain in place for the duration of the franchise—offering some much-desired continuity for fans who were devastated when "Hunger Games" director Garry Ross was lost—after only one movie—to the fickle whims of the Hollywood machine. (Or maybe the fickle whims were his own? It's hard to say, but the point is, someone had WHIMS, and they were FICKLE.)

Of course, it's hard to say just how good this good news is—not because we don't love Francis Lawrence, but because nobody's seen yet just how he'll handle the adaptation for film of our beloved dystopian books. But hey, it's never too early to do a poll asking fans what they think about it! So, tell us...