Sneak Peek EXCLUSIVE Image From 'Vampire Diaries' Ep 'We All Go A Little Mad Sometimes'

It's Halloween, and Hollywood Crush is serving up nothing but tasty treats (no tricks here!). In that spirit, we've gotten our hot little hands on an EXCLUSIVE image from the upcoming "Vampire Diaries" episode "We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes."

Here we see April (Grace Phipps) and Matt (Zach Roerig) looking rather pensive, while Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) is all smiles. So typical! Look a little closer and you'll see some kind of Egyptian artifact collection behind them. Are vampires direct descendants of King Tut? We'll just have to tune in November 15, to unravel that mystery. But in the meantime, here are a few details about the episode we can reveal via the official synopsis:

Terrifying hallucinations leave Elena (Nina Dobrev) shaken and confused, causing her to make a dangerous mistake. After giving Stefan (Paul Wesley) some very disturbing news about Elena, Klaus (Joseph Morgan) takes matters into his own hands. Professor Shane (guest star David Alpay) reveals a story of ancient witchcraft to Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Bonnie (Kat Graham). With help from Klaus and Stefan, Jeremy begins a new chapter in his life. Finally, Elena makes a painful personal confession to Stefan, and Matt gives Damon startling new information about Professor Shane.

Per usual, we can hardly wait.

What are you theories about what's going on in this image? Are you up on your Egyptian history? Tell us all of your thoughts in the comments below and on Twitter!