Stephenie Meyer On That Rumored 'Breaking Dawn - Part 2' Credit Sequence

Stephenie MeyerWith the multi-year phenomenon that is "Twilight" finally coming to a close, every major player in the most important vampire romance of our time is experiencing some serious feels in the final weeks before "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2" hits the big screen—and nobody more than the mother of the franchise, Ms. Stephenie Meyer. And if you've been wondering how the woman who gave birth to the entire Cullen family (figuratively, of course) has been dealing with the impending onset of empty nest syndrome, you'll definitely want to check out our exclusive interview with her over on MTV News!

Even though your Hollywood Crush staff certain nameless, crazy fans have already taken to clutching an Emmett Cullen action figure and sobbing hysterically over the end of the series well into the night, Stephenie has chosen to be sanguine over the upcoming release of "Breaking Dawn," saying, "I've been carefully not thinking about it [as the end of the franchise] because I don't want to be sad yet." (We take this to mean that at some point in the near future, she, too, will be weeping into the hair of a "Twilight" doll while drinking chardonnay spiked with Cullen-grade body glitter, not that we are doing that *SOB*GLUG*). And in the meantime, she's got plenty to say about the much-buzzed-about end credits scene (spoiler: it doesn't exist, sorry) and the possibility of a continuation of the franchise (spoiler: it hasn't been discussed officially but that doesn't mean it can't still happen).

Want to get the full scoop from Stephenie on all things "Twilight" in these final days before the "Breaking Dawn - Part 2" premiere? Click to read! (And don't forget to cast your vote in the epic Twi-Fight Saga!)

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