Celebrate Halloween With Our 9 Favorite Hot Psychos

Open your mouth, and say... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGH! Today is Halloween, and in honor of this year's scariest, screaming-est holiday, we've assembled a very special list: the cutest movie killers ever to grace the silver screen. They're deadly, they're twisted, and they'd like to stab you in your soft parts with a variety of sharp utensils...but if you can see past all that, well, hey: they're kind of sexy, right?

Stu and Billy, "Scream"

These adorably ambitious high school BFFs nearly got away with a killing spree that claimed the lives of most of their high school classmates...until they got caught bickering by their wily final victim.

Michael Myers, "Halloween"

Okay, so we never see his face—but with a William Shatner mask completing his signature psycho style, there's no denying that Mikey has a certain je ne sais quoi.

Jack Torrance, "The Shining"

With a young Jack Nicholson in the starring role, it was an unabashed pleasure to watch this hapless writer-turned-hotel-caretaker lose his marbles at the Overlook.

Hannibal Lecter, "The Silence of the Lambs"

Fancy an older gentleman? You can't beat Hannibal the Cannibal, who has impeccable manners and an intimate knowledge of Italian wines, and who cuts quite the elegant silhouette in his bespoke facemask.

Patrick Bateman, "American Psycho"

Played with pitch-perfect narcissism by Christian Bale, this Manhattan madman had no shortage of ladies who were willing to shed their inhibitions (and their clothes!) in his killing lair...and considering how good he looks in nothing but a pair of spotless Nikes, we're not surprised.

Frederick Lorren, "The House on Haunted Hill"

If you can ignore his sadistic streak and controlling tendencies, this eccentric millionaire —played by Vincent Price in a command performance—might be just the companion for your evening's trick-or-treating.

Norman Bates, "Psycho"

Sure, he's a bit of a mama's boy...but it's no surprise that the unfortunate Ms. Marion Crane feels an affinity for this poor, misunderstood motelier with haunted eyes and a pouty mouth.

Carrie, "Carrie"

Ladies so often get short shrift in the world of horror, but Sissy Spacek's performance as the telekinetic terror in a pretty prom slip-dress has a well-earned place on this list.