Robert Pattinson Named The Face Of Dior Men's Fragrance

Robert PattinsonIf we didn't know better, we'd think Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were angling for the title of "Best Smelling Couple Ever."

Less than a year after Kristen inked a deal to represent Balenciaga's Florabotanica, BF Rob has been named the new face of Christian Dior's men's fragrances, according to E! Online. The report indicates that the Brit will appear in a series of ad campaigns for the fashion house, following in the fragrant footsteps of Charlize Theron, Natalie Portman and Jude Law, who have all stumped for Dior scents.

For his part, Rob has historically been hesitant to lend his likeness to products, joking with MTV News back in 2009: "I think it's a little early to start selling out." He then added: "I kind of unintentionally endorse Coca-Cola. I'm drinking it all the time, constantly. I [guess] I endorse a lot of products, but without getting paid for it."

The "Twilight" star has been known to wear a Dior design or two on the red carpet, so he must be a true fan of the brand if he's willing to stand behind their line of men's fragrances. And, of course, we'll take every opportunity we can to stare at that cute mug, be it on the big screen or on one of those pungent magazine inserts.

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