Halloween Costume How-To: Get Girly As 'Girls'

by Jessica Marshall

Do you want to be the voice of your generation this Halloween?

Dressing up as one of the characters from Lena Dunham's critically acclaimed series "Girls" on HBO might just be the perfect way to show the world that you are too cool for the world's preconceptions of the holiday. And maybe that means you don't even have to dress up, because your sense of style is already keyed into the hipness. Or maybe this is a reality check exercise for you, exposing your current way of life as tragically unhip.

Either way though, here are a few ideas for dressing up like Hannah, Marnie, Jessa and Shoshanna. Recruit three willing gal-pals to accompany you, as this Halloween schtick works best in group of four!


Hannah is a woman of many mismatched outfits. To recreate her general look, just visit your local flea market and buy various outfit items (skirt, blouse, tights, etc), each in completely different styles, and make sure they're in the drabbest colors available. Lots of tans, taupes, dingy greens and faded maroons. Bonus points for finding one article of clothing made from some off-white lace or something flannel. However, if you want to go as authentic as possible, look for a men's long underwear onsie ($31, Amazon.com), and run around the streets of Brooklyn at night just like Hannah does when she has a night "in" with Adam. Also, don't brush your hair and don't wear any makeup.


Marnie is a sensible gal with a subtle, underlying wild streak she hasn't quite been able to express physically. Capture her buttoned-up, yet modern style with a conservative yet boldly colorful outfit. Start with a matching pencil dress and cardigan in bright colors. Then accent it with a subtle wild...in the form of a pair of purple tights and some kickin' heels. Classy, sideswept hair is a must, along with warm-colors for eyeshadow, lipstick and blush.


Anything goes with Jessa. She could be wearing Hammer pants to the bar one day and a bikini coverup to one of her jobs as a nanny the next. Our personal favorite Jessa outfit is the feathered frock she wore to the Bushwick warehouse party. We don't even know quite what it is, but you can recreate the approximate look of it with a black tank top and a black feather boa pinned in place. Complement it with a pair of tight black pants, lacy heels and black lipstick. Hair goes in a high, messy bun. Complete your ensemble by speaking in a British accent.


The key to nailing Shoshanna's look lies in the color pink. Every shade and every hue. Clothing, makeup and accessories. And Shoshanna was never pinker than when she accidentally smoked crack at the Bushwick warehouse party. Capture her look with a pink, short-sleeved knit top and a