Twi-Fight Saga Shocker: Jacob Ousted In Second Round!

Taylor LautnerWe bet not even Alice Cullen with her prescient powers could have seen this one coming: wolf boy Jacob Black has been eliminated from MTV's Twi-Fight Saga—and in only the second round of voting! Apparently, Jacob was no match for his fellow Wolf Packer Quil Ateara, who bested him by about 7 percent of the vote.

So what happened here? We imagine this must have been a concerted effort by Team Edward to knock the other leg of the "Twilight" triangle out of the competition early. Or else, Quil has a much larger fan base than we ever imagined!

Tough decisions will have to be made going forward as we enter the Sweet 16, with the Cullen coven finally facing each other. Spouses Esme and Carlisle will duke it out, while Jasper will take on newborn niece Renesmee and, a bit more tangentially, Charlie will battle Rosalie.

How will it end? It's all up to you! Head on over to to cast your vote now! The rounds will conclude November 12, when the No. 1 "Twilight" character will be announced!

What's your take on Quil beating out Jacob? Who's getting your vote in our Sweet 16 round of voting? Tell us everything in the comments and on Twitter!

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