Check Out Emma Roberts As 'Pretty Woman' And More Celebrity Halloween Costumes!

With Halloween falling inconveniently on a weeknight this year, this past Saturday was the celebratory evening of choice for Halloweenies both famous and non...but since nobody cares about the nons, let's skip 'em and go straight to the gallery of celebrity get-ups, shall we?

From sultry to scary, lots of our Hollywood favorites were out and about this weekend. The best? Probably Emma Roberts, who not only made a very "Pretty Woman" indeed, but gets added points for mining her family history for costume inspiration (the original hooker with a heart of gold is Auntie Julia, you know!). And when it comes to fantasy-friendly outfits—the otherworldly kind, not the dirty kind—it's a tie between Lucy Hale, who was the prettiest my-little-pony in the meadow, and Kim Kardashian, who worked her curves as a super-shapely mermaid in the company of Captain Kanye West. (Although you guys—we're really happy for you, and imma let you finish, but Julianne Hough and Ryan Seacrest had the best couples costume get-up of all time. OF ALL TIME.)

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