'Fun Size' Star Victoria Justice Takes Us Halloween Costume Shopping!

If you've been too lazy—or too busy battening down the hatches for the Frankenstorm apocalypse—to put together a Halloween costume, here's a good chance to take a break from your disaster prepared-ness and get an idea or two, courtesy of our friend Victoria Justice! The star of this year's trick-or-treat teen comedy, "Fun Size," recently joined MTV News' Christina Garibaldi at New York's Abracadabra superstore for an afternoon of costume-shopping and nostalgia, where she chatted about Halloween get-ups past while perusing this year's offerings.

Turns out, there's a bit of a thematic link between Victoria's childhood costumes and her current career: "It's actually really funny," she said, "because when I was 8, or maybe a little younger, I dressed up as Dorothy from 'The Wizard of Oz.' And my character Wren in 'Fun Size' spends 90 percent of the movie in her Dorothy outfit, and she has these red sparkly Converse that I love."

But while blue gingham has been a reliable look for the star during previous Halloweens, it pales in comparison to the getup she assembled during her visit to Abracadabra: a pair of glasses, a feather boa and a unicorn headpiece that flops obscenely at the front. So, uh, what is she?

Her answer: "Completely ridiculous."

Are you inspired by Victoria's slapdash Halloween work? What do you plan to dress up as for Halloween? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!