The Twi-Fight Saga: Page To Premiere's Kimmy West Picks Her Winner

MTV News' Twi-Fight Saga continues with round two, in which 32 of Stephenie Meyer's vampire, werewolves and humans will do battle for the title of No. 1 "Twilight" character. Each round a "Twilight" expert will weigh in on who she thinks will take the entire tournament. Today, Kimmy West of Page to Premiere shares her pick for victor.

I'm thinking that Edward Cullen is going to take the top spot in this contest because the fanbase of this series is nearly entirely female, and he's the character that girls have been dazzled by since the first film. Everyone is looking forward to seeing Robert Pattinson play the transformation of Edward from an angsty forever-teenager into a father! Personally, the part of "Breaking Dawn - Part 2" I'm most excited to see is the relationship between Renesmee, Bella and Edward on screen. I think the mysterious and almost impossibly perfect character of Edward has been the main reason why this whole series has gotten as huge as it has, so I think he will also take the cake in this contest!

However, Bella is definitely going to be a very close second place. She goes through an insane character arc, which ends in this movie—from awkward and clumsy teenager into fierce vampire mother. She definitely gets a ton of action, and is the main protagonist, so I may be completely wrong about the audience's total obsession with the male characters over anything else. Who knows, maybe Kristen Stewart's legion of fans could have her overtake Edward for first place?

Jacob is loved by many, but I don't think he has the draw of the main husband-and-wife vampire duo. Also, since everyone has their eye on Renesmee, who only was glimpsed for a moment in "Part 1," the excitement of audiences to see more may bring her up near the main trio in the ranking.

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